Yep, I ate that

and I’m here.. July 4, 2011

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Sooo… Some of you have asked “Are you ok?”, “Are you ALIVE?”, “Cook something, I need ideas!”

I could say that I’ve been busy, and that’s why I haven’t posted in a while. A long while. So long Safari didn’t have wordpress in it’s history anymoe.

But really. I don’t have a good reason why I haven’t written anything. I thought about it. Just didn’t do it. Oops!

So. Yes. I am alive. I am Ok. And I don’t have any food for you today.
But I do have a few pics from the last couple months.

Maybe I have been busy!?

Happy 4th!!
I’m spending the rest of mine with P, watching baseball (and maybe eating something good!)


counting April 17, 2011

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The past week or so has been a blur, I’m sure the next 10 days will be the same.

I’m counting cans of food donated.

I’m counting dollars raised.

I’m counting luminaria bags sold.

I’m counting down to Relay.

Relay For Life.

I’ll be back soon.

Maybe not til after Relay with lots of new recipes…

Homemade taquitos.

White chocolate apricot muffins. Rarebit.

Mexican chop salad. Smoothies.

Flatbread sandwich. Taco wontons.

And. Of course more baseball.

Go Rangers!


T is 3 April 8, 2011

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April challenge April 7, 2011

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Paper. Done. Turned in.





Home Run it most definitely was not. I’ll take a fielding error to get me on base.

In all the busyness I haven’t told you about my April challenge. I’m already 6 days in. So far so good.


The April Challenge:
Eat only from what’s already in the freezer and pantry.
Buy ONLY milk and fresh produce that is necessary.
(Ex: Taylortot needed milk and I bought onioins & garlic to have to cook with and spinach for smoothies)

Why? The freezer is overfilled. When you open the door you have to hope that nothing falls on your feet! The pantry has plenty of beans, can tuna, rice and pasta for at least a month.


*** Updated***

I thought I clicked publish on this in class yesterday morning. I guess not.

The Rangers are now 6-0!!!


history made April 4, 2011

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I’m still in the middle of writing writing writing for class.

Will be done soon. Has to be turned in in 34 hours.



Nelly was hard at work again tonight, first American leaguer ever to hit a home run in the first 4 games of a season.

The only other players to do it? Willie Mays and Mark McGwire (he doesn’t count)



The Rangers are now 4-0.

2 more homers tonight, 2 doubles and a triple.

{thats 13 homers and 23 extra base hits for the season}



Gotta get back to the paper writing, wish me luck that I get it finished!


i LOVE this team April 3, 2011

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The Rangers are undefeated.

Ian Kinsler hit walk off homers to start both game 1 and 2. Boston walked him in the first today. Then when he came up in the 3rd.. he hit it out again.

Nelly hit homers in all 3 games too.

Game 2

Game 3

Harrison did some serious work.

So far this season….

11 homers.

1 grand slam.

20 extra base hits.

3 wins.

I LOVE this team!!

I’ll be back soon with the April challenge details, and more food.

Right after I write 20 pages on high cholesterol and eczema.

….. 159 games to go.


1-0, 161 to go April 1, 2011

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Bluebonnets are in bloom.

The sun is shining.


It’s Spring Time in Texas.

Just one thing was missing… until today.



It’s Opening Day!!

It’s Opening Day!!




CJ was ready to #dowork.

Work he did.

Go Rangers!!

1-0, 161 games to go

And now another reason why Texas is better than Boston.

90 degrees at the ballpark today for the first pitch.




Coooold rain and Snow in Boston!

I’ll take 90 degrees any day!


I’m also thinking a challenge for April is a good idea, more info on that tomorrow.

P and I are having a sleep over.

With this girl.