Yep, I ate that

sleep deprived March 28, 2011

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44 hours spent held hostage at work.
2.5 hours in a work meeting.
18 hours driving… sitting in traffic.
5 hours spent in class.
3.5 hours in the sun not really working.
3 dinners with friends.
1 failed run with P.
3 crazy circuit workouts.
4 dinners cooked.
Lots of hours spent for Relay.

I need sleep. The past week has been crazy.

Caffeine can only do so much.

Sleep. A lot of sleep. Is what I need.

It was after midnight when I got in bed every.night. And up early every.morning.

Caffeine can only do so much.

I need more sleep.

P sleeps plenty, exercise is what he needs.

Last weekend, P and I went out for a run/walk [mostly walk]. About 3/4 of a mile in he dropped to the ground. Started wheezing really loudly. I thought I might have to give him doggy CPR. And carry him home.

Eventually we made it home. P drank a ton of water, and then laid on the couch and didn’t move for hours. I went to the gym, clearly my dog is not a good workout partner. iPod is a much better one.

At the gym I did a “crazy circuit” The best thing about working out is it gives me more energy.

Energy to get through the week.

Energy for when there just isn’t enough time to sleep.

Crazy circuit #3

10 min easy elliptical warmup

1 set hip adduction
1 set calf extensions
1 set hip abduction
{repeat x2}

5 mile bike ride – hills, level 9

1 set pull backs
1 set twist crunches
1 set ball squats
{repeat x2}

5 mile bike ride – level 12

1 set leg curls
1 set leg presses – 2 leg
1 set leg extensions
1 set leg presses – 1 leg release
{repeat x2}

10 min elliptical
cool down


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