Yep, I ate that

April challenge April 7, 2011

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Paper. Done. Turned in.





Home Run it most definitely was not. I’ll take a fielding error to get me on base.

In all the busyness I haven’t told you about my April challenge. I’m already 6 days in. So far so good.


The April Challenge:
Eat only from what’s already in the freezer and pantry.
Buy ONLY milk and fresh produce that is necessary.
(Ex: Taylortot needed milk and I bought onioins & garlic to have to cook with and spinach for smoothies)

Why? The freezer is overfilled. When you open the door you have to hope that nothing falls on your feet! The pantry has plenty of beans, can tuna, rice and pasta for at least a month.


*** Updated***

I thought I clicked publish on this in class yesterday morning. I guess not.

The Rangers are now 6-0!!!


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