Yep, I ate that

my wall needs help July 9, 2011

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I need some input on what to do with that wall. I recently moved all the furniture around and now when I sit on the couch I see that big empty wall.

It doesn’t seem so large and empty in the pic. (And ignore all the jars on the floor and bags at the door.)


The wall on the opposite side of the room…

The wall directly across from the couch is all windows, a sliding glass door, and covered with curtains.


So I’m thinking on the empty wall maybe I’ll do a collage of some of the pics I took in NYC.

But can’t decide which frame to buy… the options….


From, 34 openings 5X7, 4X6, and 3×3 sizes. This is the only option I haven’t seen in person.


Option #2, From Bed Bath & Beyond, 12 openings 4×6 and 5×7 sizes. The depths are staggered on this one, making it lil more interesting.


Option 3, from Hobby Lobby.  6 separate frames, holding 16 total pics.


Also I have this that can go somewhere

Whatcha think??




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