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plans January 9, 2011

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To go along with eat in month I made a meal plan for this week.

Or maybe I should call it a plan for meals.

Or a list of what I can make with the groceries I bought.


  • Quesadillas – bean & cheese and Spinach, mushroom & onion
  • Tacos – made with morningstar meal starters
  • Crab wontons
  • Shrimp noodle bowl

So. Thats only 4 things for 6 days, but I have options for lots of roasted veg. The standby baked potato. Tuna. And the snack meals of hummus or veg dip and pita chips.


And a workout plan for the week…. sorta

  • Sunday – Rest
  • Monday – SCw2d1, bike 12
  • Tuesday – PUCw2d1, yoga? ab challenge
  • Wednesday – SCw2d2, ??
  • Thursday – PUCw2d2, bike
  • Friday – SCw2d3, 2M, ab challenge
  • Saturday – PUCw2d3, long walk/run with P
  • SC = squat challenge, PUC = push-up challenge

The weather for the first part of the week is gonna keep me inside, and that doesn’t show you the rain and snow we’ve been getting all day. That will turn to ice tonight. Saturday and Sunday look promising for some long walks with P.

I’m trying to ignore that 19, well and everything else other than the 60 and 56. Brrrrrrr gonna be a COLD week.


One Response to “plans”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I coudln’t survive without a meal plan so I wholeheartedly approve! Sounds like it’s gonna be a delicious (chilly) week!

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