Yep, I ate that

quick update January 5, 2011

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Quick Update on the challenge status(es)

  • Eat in Month .. still going strong, the new work schedule this week is working really well with this. Plenty of time to eat breakfast & lunch and prep dinner for after work (& a snack to take with me)
  • Squat challenge … week one (3) workouts 1 & 2 done
  • Push up challenge … week one workout 1 done, workout 2 tomorrow
  • 50 mile run …. 4 miles done, hip flexor feeling a little tight so resting for a couple days. 5K on Saturday!!
  • 150 mile bike challenge …. 30 miles down, aiming for another 10 tomorrow


Cheesy Broccoli & Vegetable Soup

Recipe for this coming soon!!

(You know you want it šŸ™‚



One Response to “quick update”

  1. Joanne Says:

    You are doing so well with all your challenges! And yes. I want that soup.

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