Yep, I ate that

new year, same me January 1, 2011

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New year, new you. Eh.. not so much

I don’t really understand people waiting until New Years to make a goal to change the way they live and eat.

“Starting January 1st……

“I’m going to to work out 4 days a week or more”

“I’m going to eat healthfully at every meal”

“I’m going to go to bed early, get 8 hours of shuteye everynight”

“I’m going to spend less money, and save more”

“I’m going to quit smoking”

Why wait for January first? If you want to change something about your life, do it now! Even if now does just happen to be 1/1/11.

All that being said, doesn’t mean that I don’t set goals for myself for the next year, they just aren’t the change your life kinda goals.

Here we go, goals for 2011

  1. Learn to take better photos
  2. Set a PR in a race, I’ve never run a timed race so this one will happen no matter what 🙂
  3. Blog more
  4. Never let my apartment look like it does right now
  5. Cook more of the recipes I read on blogs
  6. the nice thing about this kind of goal setting is you get to add to it all year

I do have a couple of challenges that I’m starting today .iknow iknow i just said why do people try to change themselves starting on New Years, but really these aren’t a huge change for me, just pushing to be just a little better

First up, Eat In Month 2011. I already eat mostly homemade food, but for the month of January the goal is to not eat out at all. Hopefully I’ll get my kitchen cleaned up and the fridge cleaned out (seriously worse this time) and this will be easy peasy

Next, the 20o squat challenge and the 100 push-up challenge, all with working up the number of dumb bell snatches and ab circuits I can do. My gym buddy moved away back in September, and this is something that we can still do “together” with one of us in Boston and me here in Texas. Plus I’m still working on getting her to train so we can run a race together!

For breakfast this morning.. healthful sunflower toast with blackberry jam, and PB with 1/2 a banana – I ate the other half while the bread was toasting, and a small piece of dried pineapple.

Now off to the gym – I’m scared how crowded it’s gonna be all the the resolutioners – first 5k of the year is next Saturday (and it’s timed!)


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