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85 degrees December 21, 2010

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85 degrees.

No I’m confused on the name of the boy band Nick Lachey was in.

That was the temperature here today.

I walked out the door leaving work, kind of expecting cold even though I knew it wasn’t cold.

85 degrees!! On the first day if winter.

Unfortunately I did spend the entire day inside at work.


But still I’ll take it.

Let’s compare that to how the first day of Spring 2010 went.

A foot of snow.


On the first day of spring.

Since I didn’t get out to take any nice warm weather pics today I’ll share with you some snow pics from that cold cold Spring day.

(don’t worry P barely stepped out the door in the snow!)


In other news… I tried to cook dinner in the crock pot today, and came home to a burnt mess. Maybe next time it’ll work out better!

How was the first day of Winter for you?

Do you have any easy veggie crock pot recipes for me??


One Response to “85 degrees”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I’m jealous. For the record.

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