Yep, I ate that

veggie noodle soup December 18, 2010

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My entire day revolved around baking.


Since a little after midnight.

First up was making the baking list.

You see that list. It’s insane. Epic even.

First up today. 4 pans of brownies went in the oven first.

Then the chocolate pumpkin cake.

Confession: I do not like the smell of chocolate. It makes me sick.

Thought I might throw up with those brownies and then the cake baking.

What to do?

Onions and garlic to the rescue. Plus some celery & carrot.

Smell of chocolate = gone.

Add some herbs and broth, and we have soup.

When it was almost time for dinner I added milk and some frozen egg noodles and edamame.

Simmered til the noodles were done.


Now movie time on the couch.


2 Responses to “veggie noodle soup”

  1. Joanne Says:

    FOUR PANS OF BROWNIES?!?!? That’s more than epic. That’s my next ten pounds of weight gain in one sentence.

  2. hey lady- you won my giveaway!! send me an email soon to get your code! ps..your soup looks great!

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