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Shoes, shoes, shoes December 12, 2010

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I need new running shoes.

running shoes


Can’t you tell.


Some pairs still look like new.


Some are really worn out.

Some are for work only.

Did you know I wear running shoes to work everyday?

Some are for casual wear.

Some are for running only.

And seriously I do need a new pair.

Some were given to me when a friend bought the wrong size.

(I never ever buy Nike)




Some I’m not sure where they came from.


IF thought I made a mistake and posted the same pair twice.

I didn’t. I really do have 2 of the same.

I bought these shoes, wore them to work and a girl at work liked them so much she went out and bought a pair for herself.
She only wore ’em a couple times and decided she didn’t like how they felt on her feet.
So… she gave them to me. Minus a shoelace.


Like I said. I need more new running shoes.

(And a shoelace)

And a place to store ’em all.


2 Responses to “Shoes, shoes, shoes”

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  2. Joanne Says:

    Haha i have quite a few pairs as well. Most are worn out, some were just the wrong shoes for my feet and one is actually a really awesome functional pair. I have more running shoes than heels in fact.

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