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Brrrrrrr November 19, 2010

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You know how the news has commercials with blurbs of the headlines that will be on later in the night.

Tonight its been all about the weather.

“Coldest temperatures since February in the forecast. More at 10.”

“Coldest air of the Season, your Thanksgiving forecast at 10.”

Crrrrraaaappp. Since February? We had a foot of snow in March, did they forget that??

Picture 1.png

I wish the new blurb was something more like “The coldest days we’ll see until summer returns are in the forecast.”

Or. even better, “Today was the coldest we will see until summer returns.”

Ahhh that would be great. But. No.

Not so much.

Do you see that blank square for the low temp on Wednesday?

Yep. That scares me. ALOT.

I know winter is coming. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I don’t. I despise the cold. I love days, weeks, months even where the forecast doesn’t show a temperature below 70 or 80. Ahhhh summer, why can’t you last year round? This is Texas afterall, it is supposed to be WARM.All.Year.

But if I must embrace winter I will start by thinking about all the foodstuff that you only find this time of year.. old favorites and new obsessions.






Picture 3.png

Acorn Squash. {source}




Ugly green bean casseroles.


Home-baked muffins and breads.

Picture 4.png

Brussles sprouts… seriously they’re good when roasted with some olive oil.


Apples. Honeycrisp Apples. Amazing.

Some of my other favorites are soups, beans, butternut squash, hot spiced cranberry tea, peppermint lattes, and coconut cream pies.


What are some your favorite winter foods?


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