Yep, I ate that

success?? November 14, 2010

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Meet P.


How can you not love him?

He got into this position, on one blanket and under another all on his own.


This weekend I had a to do list.. actually a few, but one main list.


I did do the laundy.. washed it anyhow – had a slight washing machine break down.

But the last load is done, currently sitting in the dryer….


….. and there’s the rest. Not put away. Not folded.

See that smaller basket? That’s only half the socks that need to be matched.

I HATE matching socks.

Usually, I just leave them in the basket and find one matching pair at a time when I need them.

Every morning. Every day after work. Every time I pack a bag for the gym.

It probably takes tons more time this way. But in 3 min increments.

Anyhow.. back to that list


Sooo. The cooking for the week was a success. A yummmy success.

Beans? check

Blackberry jam? check

Cranberry-something? check

Apple sauce? check

The rest of the list. Yeah. Not so much.

I wanted to wait to clean the bathroom AFTER giving P a bath.

And I would vacuum after that.

And the reading for a psych test. Well really. Do I need to read 4 chapters?

I mean really? Who reads for an online class?


Clearly we had other more important things to do this weekend.

See that plaid .. thats a heating pad.

Yep he is definately my dog.

We live in Texas. He has a fur coat. 2 blankets.

And still when I get up, he takes the spot on the heating pad so I just gave it to him and took the quilt.

Other food pics from the weekend….

DSC09427.JPG DSC09429.JPG DSC09434.JPG
DSC09400.JPG DSC09402.JPG

DSC09403.JPG DSC09409.JPG DSC09411.JPG

DSC09420.JPG DSC09419.JPG
yep. thats toasted marshmallow milkshake soup. I didn’t follow this recipe but I did take the idea.

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