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no pumpkin, only spice October 3, 2010

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I’m still alive.

The last week and a half has gone by in a blur. It feels like I haven’t been home to do anything other than sleep.

And while I can read blogs on my phone. Writing one is another story.

Actually, I am having great difficulty even writing text messages on the touch screen that is an iPhone. I miss my keyboard. I miss the speed and accuracy that a keyboard offers me. I miss the auto corrections I had. Want to say I’ll? Just type ‘il’ Want to say we’re? Just type ‘wer’. Not an iPhone. To type I’ll requires me to type I, change to #/punctuation screen, ‘, change back to letters screen, ll. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal. But add all the changing between screens with the 2.7:1 ratio of delete key area on the screen to actual correct letter typed and it’s a pain.

So anyhow.

I’ve seen tons of pumpkin posts in the past few weeks … I guess I am not alone with my pumpkin obsession. Honestly I thought I was. No one I know in my offline life is pumpkin crazy. Here’s some things that have my attention at the moment (not all are pumpkin)

Bree shared these Bean Chalupas .. I’ll probably be having something close to this one night this week.

Bree also made these Hot Chocolate Cookies. These do not appeal to me at all, but I do know someone who would probably love them. So maybe I’ll make some for Jeff when he’s home from the hospital.

Apple Pie In A Glass. by Jessica, seriously she had a peach-snickerdoodle smoothie a while back. If this is even half as good as that was it’ll be amazing.

Meghann at Meals and Miles had some pumpkin overnight oats.. or at least I thought she did only now I can’t find the post of it anymore… just means I’ll have to experiment and come up with some on my own.
She also had this pumpkin-peanut butter smoothie

Jamie showed me the first ever Pumpkin Blondies I’ve ever seen

And Brown Eyed Baker has this list of 10 amazing pumpkin recipes.

Now. Here’s the problem. There is no pumpkin at the grocery store yet.

For now it’s only pumpkin spiced stuff for me.

Also a few people have shared the fact that there are only 12 weeks until christmas.. and thus 12 weeks of cookies has begun. Yeah I can’t commit to making cookies for 12 weeks.

Also over at I heart Cooking Clubs, a new chef has been announced (Giada De Laurentiis). This is something I might could do. I get to pick what I want to make. And only 1 post a week. So we’ll see.


2 Responses to “no pumpkin, only spice”

  1. Thanks for adding my smoothie on here! 🙂

  2. Tina Says:

    Yep pumpkin is everywhere! Love it!!! I can’t get enough either.

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