Yep, I ate that

fail. fail. fail. September 16, 2010

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only one word can describe today.


phone still doesn’t work, I’ve started to contemplate leaving tmobile and my beloved droid for at&t and an iphone.

no pictures of todays meals.


breakfast was overnight oats taken to work to eat in the first normally easy hour.

overnight oats with pumpkin pie spice, apple and white chocolate wonderful pb.

walked in the door at work and it looked like a tornado had been thru there.

trash on the floor.

trash on the cabinets.

someone had crushed a can on the floor and left it there, less than 2 feet from the trash can.

disaster area.

breakfast fail. overnight oats just aren’t so great when they’ve been at room temp for a few hours.

planned to go to subway for lunch today.

person that was supposed to come in so i could leave for work was late.

like didn’t know she was supposed to be at work til we called her late.

line at subway out the door.


taco cabana it was.

dinner at home.

i don’t even remember what i had.

a plum.

but what else??

no baseball tonight.

going to bed.

hoping i wake up tomorrow and tmobile has a working satellite and i can text, call, tweet, facebook and just overall waste tons of time on my phone tomorrow.



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