Yep, I ate that

powers out September 14, 2010

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Challenge day 1..

Task #1.. pictures of everything I eat

Task #2 .. 30day shred video .. I did the workout, sorta. I’m not sure that jumping jacks are a knee approved activity. So maybe I’ll go to the gym after work to do some cardio.

Power went out here as I was trying to upload breakfast pics. Maybe I can add them later – after work – posting from the phone for now.

For now just picture it in your head.

Omelette. Made with 1 whole egg and 1 egg white. With onion, red bell pepper & green bell pepper. A sprinkle of cheese. Then topped with some tomatillo salsa.

And a mug of homemade chai spiced (sorta) tea with almond milk.

Oh yeah and I had about 2 ounces of juice before the video and a glass of water after breakfast.

Now. Time to go to work. UGH. Hate going back after a few days off.

**Here’s the pics that I couldn’t get uploaded when the power went out**


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