Yep, I ate that

I like Texas September 14, 2010

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OK … I updated this mornings post with the pics of my breakfast.

This was my foot wear for most of the day at work.


Those are socks. No shoes.

I have these huge horrible disguisting blisters on the backs of my heels (and one not so bad one under a toe) from the 5K Saturday morning.

I will from now on refer to that 5K as the-most-miserable-5K. You know kinda like the hottest-half.

Seriously. Miserable. 87degrees & 90% humidity.

I was so sweaty I couldn’t operate the touch screen on the phone.

So lunch today.. leftover enchiladas

And Salad … forgot to take a picture before I ate almost all of it. Oops.

Late day snack at work.. these 11am-8pm are really not fun.

Yogurt, a peach, and a few figs. Topped with granola.

Finally home from work. Watching the Ranger game.

had to have something else to snack on..

Tomatillo salsa & home baked chips? Yes I think so.

RANGERS WIN!! RANGERS WIN!! RANGERS WIN!! Pat Green is singing “I like Texas, ain’t no doubt……”

I can go to bed now.. tomorrow lets hope I can put shoes on!!



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