Yep, I ate that

peaches and waffles September 3, 2010

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I woke up this morning and laid in bed, it’s Friday – aka my i-can-sleep-late-cause-i-have-to-work-late day. It was only 20 min after the time my alarm would’ve gone off if I was getting up to go to work early, ugh.

Sooo… I laid there, going back to sleep wasn’t happening. Instead of getting up and going into the other room and turning on the tv, I laid there and watched TV on my phone for a few min. Then gave in and went and turned on the real TV- much better.

Mmmmm IHOP

Need breakfast.

Waffle with pecans. (yeah not supposed to eat pecans.. oh well)

Ripe juicy peach.


Now time to make the shopping list for this weekends ACS bake sale.


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