Yep, I ate that

what was i thinking September 2, 2010

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this morning started early. EARLY. 5am early.

Not sure what I was thinking, when I decided to set the alarm and get up to go ride before work.

10 miles down, before 6am.

grape nuts, milk, peach

Seriously not enough food to keep me full til lunch…

peanut butter cookie larabar

Ate this as a morning snack at work.. then later i had a ton on honey dew melon before my (very) late lunch.

left overs from last night.. roasted potatoes and stuffed mushrooms

do you see that I had to eat those potatoes and mushrooms with a spoon?? a plastic spoon!! yeah.

grapefruit italian soda

After work i drank what was left of this and had a spoonful of white chocolate wonderful.

DINNER... roasted broccoli & veggie bbq sandwich

mango-pineapple smoothie

no game tonight to watch.

i turned on the tv around 730 and had never heard of the shows that were on so maybe i’ll just go to bed early tonight.

P has had a hard day.


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