Yep, I ate that

i heart tommy hunter September 1, 2010

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Last month was summer. It was wonderfully hot. And sunny. This month is humid. Sticky. This month is not hot.

drank this after the gym while cooking dinner

Last month we had 3 weeks of 100+ degree days. This month is was barely 80 when I got off work.

romaine with caesar dressing

Late summer in Texas should be HOT, not raining. It should not be too dark to sit out on the patio at 730.

crab stuffed mushroom and roasted potatoes

Last month was Yesterday.

Today the calendar changed to September, and suddenly summer took a day off. Yes I know we will still have some warmer days. But summer coming to an end also means the end of something else.


I love my Texas Rangers.

I do.

Josh, Ian, Michael, Nelly, Vlady, Murph, all of em.

Especially Tommy Hunter.

And guess who’s pitching tonight.
Yep. Tommy. Working on win #12.

Right now it’s the top of the 6th, we’re up 4-2. I’m sitting on the couch with P, watching the game. I guess if this has to be a non-summer day this is a good way to end it.


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