Yep, I ate that

Caffeine withdrawal begins now September 1, 2010

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People have gone crazy today. I mean it’s normal to get one or two phone calls a day from someone asking something insane. But. Today. Not one, not two.. more like twenty or thirty.

Breakfast.. overnight oats made with vanilla yogurt, pumpkin pie spice and an apple

At one point I was really wondering if some of these were serious questions.

“No sir, I cannot only dispense a few puffs out of your inhaler.”

“Yes, I know that with tablets we give you only a few if that’s all you can afford. But I cannot do that with an inhaler.”

Salad with green onion, red onion, radish, bell pepper, spicy shrimp and caesar dressing

I also had a piece of string cheese for lunch and a peach and plum snacked on throughout the day at work.

On the way home from work I noticed I have a nice headache, must be that venti quad shot I drank yesterday… note to self this is why I don’t drink caffeine, the only way to get over the headache is to drink more. Hate that kind of cycle you get into.

Now it’s time for the gym, them home for dinner. Should I have salmon or crab stuffed mushrooms for dinner???


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