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Walk, Walk, Walk.. Run, Run, Run August 19, 2010

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I had a plan.

I had a workout partner.

We were gonna run the White Rock half-marathon.

Then (her)work and the knee got involved.

Half-marathon postponed til next December, ok we’ll do a 5k instead.. on the same weekend as the half.

Running/workout partner got a job in Boston.

Boston?? Thats 2000 miles away. And it get cold there, like really really cold.

Another Relay for Life opportunity has come up… ok I’m in.

So now, Ash is on her way to Boston. And I look at our workout/training schedule. And the events planned. One thing is clear. I need to get walking and running.

Relay for Life in October. Approximately 20 miles to walk.
2 weeks later.
Light the Night Walk in October. 3k to walk. Slow walk.
Turkey trot on Thanksgiving day. 8miles?!? <– I’m not even sure how I got talked into this one
8 days later.
5k fun run.

I need some good motivation. And an even better playlist for some serious treadmill time. I like the heat, but 104 is a little too warm to be walk/running outside.


2 Responses to “Walk, Walk, Walk.. Run, Run, Run”

  1. Ok.. this post took FOREVER to do on my phone. And no pictures, well because I would have either had to take the pic with the phone or take it on the camera and then switch SD cards and that kinda defeats the purpose of posting from the phone.

    But if I had had this app back in may for the 30 days of everything I ate it would have made those ALOT easier… just take a pic and post. Easy.

  2. Joanne Says:

    YOU CAN DO THIS! I have faith. Utter faith.

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