Yep, I ate that

Making a Plan July 19, 2010

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I have a rare – extremely rare – Monday off, good thing since I spent all day Sunday with the 2 year old.  So today I’m going to try to make a plan for this weeks meals.. and try to do it from food I already have at home (clean out the fridge week). Really should also attempt to clean-up a little around here today.

Breakfast today – Pops with milk … this is not gonna keep me full for long, but it’s an easy start.. later I think I’ll make some breakfast oat bars to have the rest of the week.

So breakfast for the week done.

Lunches at work Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday… Salads, already have some eggs boiled, and can chop other the other stuff so all I’ll have to do in the mornings is put it in a container and go….. Now what do I have that can go on said salads???


Here’s the ideas I have…

Spinach and cheese enchiladas

Seafood stir-fry, with frozen seafood mix

Navy beans and corn bread

Crab something and roasted potatoes.

More later… it’s almost 10am I NEED breakfast


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