Yep, I ate that

laundry day – NOTHING on TV July 19, 2010

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Do people really sit at home on the couch and watch TV all day? I’ve been home all day – except for a trip to the gym, I am never home during the week during the day… and I have learned that there is absolutely NOTHING on TV that I want to watch. Nothing. Nada.

So.. I did some laundry. Actually, a lot of laundry. As in there is not a non-clean item of clothing in the house other than what I am wearing now.

And prepped some for for later in the week.

Salads for lunches..
Salad greens. Check
Green onions.
Boiled eggs – ok so those were already done.
Corn-on-the-cob, taken off the cob.
Chickpea crouton things.
Mango, cubed.
Also have some mushrooms in the fridge for the salads, and later in the week I’ll roast a beet to have.

Kiwi – peeled and sliced for snacking.

Spinach, sauteed and ready for spinach & cheese enchiladas

BUT I didn’t make the breakfast oat bars… I wanted to make something new and couldn’t find a recipe that I had everything here for… so maybe tomorrow.

Haven’t had dinner yet, ate some veggie fajita tacos for a late lunch and had my post-workout chocolate milk, and I;m just not hungry yet.

Work out today… 20 min of hills on the bike .. knee feels ok, felt a little tight about 10 min in so only went 20. And a good arm weight session & ab workout.


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