Yep, I ate that

New month… where did June go? July 1, 2010

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I hope you got a good look at what I ate in May, there have not been and will not be anymore posts of what I eat everyday. There will be posts occasionally (I mean really who has time for this everyday?!??) of some things I eat – and yeah I’ll even give you recipes. I did get a new camera, so hopefully the pictures will look a little better than the phone cam could do.

Sooo…. I have somehow gotten myself into a half-marathon – yep that’s 13.1 miles – in December, training is underway but this week hasn’t gone so great. Lots of excuses why: work, traffICK, a sick training partner… but mostly laziness. Just guessing but laziness really isn’t gonna go well with training to run/walk 13miles.

Tonight I sit at home watching a baseball game and waiting to hear if my sister is in labor or not….. c’mon Rangers!!


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