Yep, I ate that

Who are you? [sat may 22] May 23, 2010

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I’m not sure how we got to May 22nd already… wasn’t the 1st just a few days ago?

Sooo, this page seems to get several visits everyday, I’ve only given the address for it to a couple of people.. so who are you?? Only 1 comment from Cafe Brazil, and 3 emails (without names) wanting the recipe for crab wontons…

Anyhow, I worked 57 hours and now it’s time to catch up on sleep so more sleep less food is the theme for today… here we go. Yes, I had leftover Chinese food for breakfast .. and then went back to sleep on the couch for a couple hours. Sometimes Chinese is better the next day, reheated with soy sauce – this wasn’t one of those times – sweet & sour gets soggy = not good.

After my nap I had some Magic Pop with peanut butter (no pic, phone was charging) and hot tea (do you really need to see another pic of a mug of tea?

Snack – Magic pop with lemon curd and strawberries – yummm

I’m not sure where the rest of the day went.. but I know I sat out by the pool for a while – maybe hour and a half- watched part of a baseball game, and then had to go do some shopping – yep HAD to… when you spend less than $3 and save well over $200 it’s a HAVE to …. so I got Cabana to-go for dinner at home.. that’s a bean and cheese taco wrapped up there, and there was another one — but I ate it on the way home….

Dinner: 2 bean and cheese tacos, Mango tea (I could drink gallons), chips, queso, and pineapple chipotle salsa…. and a banana.

And then back to sleep.


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