Yep, I ate that

Another day with Taylor (5/14) May 15, 2010

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Second breakfast for T – first for me.. vanilla-pumpkin-spice french toast (she LOVED it – didn’t even use syrup!!) with strawberries

Taylor liked the french toast so much she helped me eat some of mine too

lunch… taylor slept thru lunch.. so I had one of her favorites without her – chips and cheese (nachos)

dinner… Pho and wontons

OK here’s how to make the crab wontons .. its really easy and makes enough for a ton on wontons

Crab wontons
6 ounces cream cheese
2 green onion
4 ounces (about) crab or krab
onion powder (optional) – I’ve made them with and without it and couldn’t tell much difference when dipped in sauce
garlic powder (optional)

Put all ingredients in food processor and mix until well combined…. will look like a dip (would prob be good on some Ritz).
Use about a teaspoon or so of filling for each wonton .
Wet 2 sides of each wonton wrapper and fold over to seal.
Make egg wash (egg and a little water).
Brush (or rub with fingers) each wonton with the egg wash.
Place dryer side down on baking sheet.
Bake for 12-15 min or until brown and crunchy.

I like mine dipped in sweet chili sauce, but they’re good just plain too.


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