Yep, I ate that

Taylor day 2 – Cinco de Mayo May 7, 2010

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Taylor slept for 11 hours without making a sound (at least one loud enough to be heard on the baby monitor)… opened the door to her room, she stood up – diaper in hand – and said “HI”

Breakfast time.. asked T “do you want pancakes?” “no” “do you want toast?” “no ….. macaroni”
Sooo… she didn’t get macaroni for breakfast she had strawberries, banana, a couple bites of cheese.. and then she gave the cheese to the dogs when she had her first bite of mango for the day.. she gave up cheese for mango

Anyhow.. my breakfast – the usual yogurt and fruit

Lunch… if todays lunch looks very similar to yesterdays – it might be because its the same pic, yeah I had the same kind of salad and didn’t take another picture of it


thought about stopping at Bahama Bucks for a Margarita sno (it is cinco de mayo) but there were too many cars in line and no empty parking spots so I didn’t


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