Yep, I ate that

Taylor Day 1 (day4) May 7, 2010

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52 degrees?? In Texas, In MAY??

Cup of hot tea

Breakfast at Cafe Brazil with Taylor…

I had about 3/4 of a piece of french toast and the melon, most of the grapes and 2 slices of apple from the fruit cup .. T had a slice of french toast, all the strawberries, a couple grapes and 2 slices of apple….

Taylor had a second breakfast… cheese, cackers, mango……. then she took a 3 hour nap

my lunch while she slept…

Finally woke her up.. she had easy mac with broccoli (while it was in the microwave she laid down on the kitchen rug to go back to sleep) and a little more mango

played at the pool, played outside

dinner… T didn’t want to wait for the white pizza in the oven.. she had (more) mango, strawberries, cheese and cackers

then she saw the “tortilla” and wanted some.. so she had some of that too……..



One Response to “Taylor Day 1 (day4)”

  1. Cafe Brazil Says:

    Thanks so much for coming to see us. Did you know that Kids Eat Free Sun-Thurs from 5-10 PM? We hope to see you and Taylor back again soon!

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