Yep, I ate that

May 6… May 7, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — yep, i ate that @ 2:57 pm

UGH.. back to work today… just gotta make it til game time tonight

B – didn’t get up early enough to even get yogurt out of the fridge

OJ and a blueberry muffin (I only ate the top)

L – you can bet if I didn’t even get yogurt for breakfast that I also didn’t take my lunch to work

tuna sandwich with spinach, lettuce, cucumber, pickles, more pickles, onion, and bell pepper

D – wow ok first time I have (1) even made Pho and (2) first time I have really ever had Pho – I’ve had some Pho-like stuff before but wow this was goood, this might even replace the stand by traditional potato soup on sick days (well.. maybe)

breakfast and lunch had been kinda blah, but dinner was yummmy

there’s shrimp in there too, just cant see it

And I had a cup of hot tea too.. no picture

Rangers win – go Vlad … goodnight


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