Yep, I ate that

Day 1 (May 1) .. Relay for Life May 2, 2010

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Day 1 12:00am . I’m at Relay for Life in Rockwall, have been walking for about 5 hours – lots of walking laps with some sitting breaks here and there.

Only drank half of this …..

the first sugary caffeinated drink I’ve had in over a month

and only ate one of these….

before we had a new activity at Relay – the “pack-up-and-get-out-as-fast-as-you-can-a-storm-is-coming” race

Made it home around 545am (about 5 min before the sky fell) after a few – maybe 3 or 4 hours – got up and made this…

Had a snack sometime during the day between naps

Made this……..

…only ate about 1/4 of it before I fell asleep watching the Ranger game (beat the Mariners 6-3 woohoo)

Sooo… There was a ¬†serious lack of veggies today, but I did walk about 20+ miles, so carbs were needed – veggies and more food tomorrow….

Relay for Life
Relay is an amazing night of celebration and remembrance.. this was my first Relay and even though my team was a disorganized mess I can’t imagine not doing it again next year (with a different team maybe), as a team we raised about $2000 and our event raised (so far) over $68000 for The American Cancer Society


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